Update Your Office Space with Portable Partitions

SpaceManagement1 Portable partitions are a great way to maximize your office space. Many people reject the idea of portable partitions before thoroughly considering them. How could a simple wall help to create more space? Why do you need one? Portable partitions help to make your space more organized while providing privacy. Check out this guide to find out what partitions may be right for your office!

Privacy Stations One popular partition is a “privacy station” and it can save you a lot of space. Here’s the reason. At work, have you ever had someone fill out a form in private? Place a vote? Take a test? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably brought your employee to an empty room with a desk and a chair. That’s a waste of space! A privacy station can maximize space, and turn that extra room with a chair into a place you can use; even if it is just for storage.

Tall Walls For maximum privacy and separation, you can’t go wrong with the Tall Wall. It’s must cheaper than installing a track system, and it’s intended to separate an office into two different parts. The Tall Wall is the largest portable partition you can get. Coming in at just over 15 feet high, this partition will work well in most offices. It’ll help block noise significantly. With the Tall Wall, there’s no longer a need for two separate rooms. SpaceMagement2 Flexible Partitions If you need even more flexibility, you can’t go wrong with a VersiPanel Acoustical Partition. These are perfect for tight offices or rooms where there’s a part of the building structure in the way. These partitions can flex and bend for your convenience, so you can wrap one partition around a couple of desks and a door at the same time. And, they’ll reduce sound.

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Display Towers But perhaps you don’t need a way to separate space. If you’ve got that under control, a display tower is a professional way to show off all the hard work your office has been putting in. Versare Display Towers are long lasting and easy to store. With a variety of different colors to choose from, these towers can be a great way to display messages to customers coming into your office. Or, you can use them to post important notices to your workers.

Portable partitions are a great way to transform your office. Whether you need to create space for new employees, find a better way to hold meetings, or just need better organization – we hope you found this guide helpful for your office needs.

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