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Creative Storage Ideas For the Home

Large food storage cabinet in Norwegian GreyEver feel like you don’t have enough storage in your home? Well, you’re not alone. If you aren’t utilizing every little nook and cranny of your house, you’re missing out. And stylish storage doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here are five creative ideas to stay organized and make the most out of your available space.

Built-in Spaces

Nothing utilizes your square footage better than built-in spaces. Whether that’s a bookshelf or window nook, built-in spaces maximize every inch of your floor plan. They can transform the dead zone under your stairs into a small library or conceal your fine china in the dining room. While built-in spaces may take a little extra effort and craftsmanship, they are hands-down the best choice for conserving precious floor space.

Open Shelving

Open shelving can visually expand any room. This is especially true if your cabinets are painted dark. You can store items in decorative baskets or display them on shelves. Open shelving also allows you to reach all your belongings easily, and without having to constantly open and close doors. For those of you on the go, this can be extremely beneficial.

Wooden Crates

Houten kistFound at a flea markets, garage sales and wine stores, wooden crates are easy to come by and even easier to put to good use. Stack a couple together and you have one alternative rock songs list interesting bookshelf. Add some castor wheels to the bottom and you’ve just created a mobile storage unit. You can store towels and toilet paper in a crate in your bathroom for guests. Or, you can mount them on the wall for extra storage rather than the usual bookshelves available.

Peg Style

Usually delegated to the garage, a pegboard is a classic home storage solution. You can hang it anywhere; above your child’s or office desk to help make organization an cinch. You can paint it or leave it unfinished. Either way it will spice up any room in the house. If you are into crafts, you can screw bolts into the back to create individual spool holders. Or, hang alternative rock songs list a pegboard in the kitchen as the perfect solution to display your cooking utensils. The options are seriously endless.

Old Ladder

Old ladders are the best! Even rickety ones can make perfect displays for blankets, towels and vintage textiles. Also found at garage sales and flea markets, ladders go perfectly with nearly any décor. Turn a ladder horizontal and use it in alternative rock songs list the kitchen as a pot rack. Add some hooks, toggle bolts, and carefully hang your pots and pans. An old ladder can also display your reading material by draping magazine issues or newspapers on the rungs.

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